Topic: ABC lost mystery solution theories
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ABC lost mystery solution theories
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partial theory about the flashforward at the season finalle
Destiny theory
The Allready dead theory
Dave a flash forward?
everyone dellusional theory
how season 4 will open
parallel universe theory
a sort of a geological theory
purgatory theory
Jack is jacob theory
sawyer stars in a new horror movie
decryption of the paper Jack holds on season finalle
a table with various theries, pros and con for each theory
Time theory (follow the source link for a pretty thorough time travel theory)
another timeline theory
Jacob is santa caluse (joke theory)
interesting theory (the whole series is based on a si-fi book)
eveyone is dying
all is a dream of Locke
nice theory
A rather cynical view of the show's writers
Questions that need answering
General Theories
The complete Lost Theories page
Not realy complete theories but rather solutions to specific questions
Dream theories
Destiny/timeline theories
Already dead theories
Other stuff
This page accumulates some of the major theories about what the hell is going on on the "lost" island. Together with my personal take on some of them. I must say that at the end of each season I find myself promising not to watch the next season since I conclude that the writers themselves have no Idea and are just pulling us by the nose to get us to watch more commercials. (not that I watch any if you know what I mean ;). However the season 3 finalle was a bit different and made me gain some faith in the writers.
I think this guy went a bit too far, there is no way the real solution is that scientific. The writers are no fools no one wil be interested in such a "National Geographic" explenation
hmm, sound interesting but needs to be verifiied.
dont know about the theory but the photoshop work in nice
Not realy a theory but nice to see things are going well for this guy. Wonder if he has nicknames for everyone in the movie as well.
My personal conclusions: Considering that the producers themselves refuted the "everyone is dead" theories, we are left with the magnetic field "scientific" theory, the timeline theories, and the dream/illusion theories. The writers threw around so many clues that I cant believe one theory will solve all. however, I think a good solution should only answer the following major issues: interrelations in the characters previous lives, supernatural events on the island (the monster, whispers, visions etc.), the porpose of darma and identity of the others (hostiles), and ofcourse, how come Hurley doesnt loose weight. I think the timeline theories are the best bet so far. (maybe Hurley goes back in time to get a Hamburger any now and then)