Suunto Altimax Black - SS004787110
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About this Product (vendor description)

The Suunto Altimax wristop computer combines an altimeter, barometer, watch and stopwatch. It provides you with information on the real-time altitude, the number of runs skied, the current barometric pressure and temperature. Additionally it has a number of useful chronograph functions. Suunto Altimax features an altitude difference measurement function for following vertical progress between stages. The logbook keeps record on the total and cumulative vertical ascents and descents, as well as the number of runs. It also displays barometric pressure and temperature and automatically stores data for the past four days. In addition to common chronograph functions, Suunto Altimax also includes a calendar, alarm functions and dual time. The one-button fast access to view the number of runs during the day maximizes the user friendliness of the Suunto Altimax. The automatic 24-hour memory stores information on altitude and the ascent/descent rate for every hour. The Suunto Altimax also sho