Indiana Jones Wool Fedora Hat Official MENS Medium Brown
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Indiana Jones Wool Fedora Hat Official MENS Medium Brown Indiana Jones Wool Felt Officially Licensed Indiana Jones Water repellent wool felt hat. It has a outback shape to it with an alligator print trim, leather tails, a Indiana Jones pin.3 brim. The adventure continues! The Indy Fur Fedora has been traveling the world as Indiana Jones' hat of choice ever since Raiders of The Lost Ark way back in 1981. The official hat for the Indiana Jones character should be given star billing: after all, the unmistakable fur felt fedora's been in nearly every scene of every Indiana Jones movie, from Raiders, through Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom to Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, and you can bet you'll see that famed fedora on Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. You'll get more than an authentic fedora with our Officially Licensed Indiana Jones Hat Collection. We’re true to the spirit of our snake-fearing, bull whip-happy archaeologist, and offer up only the best of a select number of fedoras that would satisfy even Harrison Ford himself (who, after all, has been wearing these wool and fur felt fedoras for over a quarter of a century now). You can get The Dressed Up Indy this crushable wool felt too, but then it’s called The Indiana Jones (don’t call me Junior!) Wool Felt Fedora. This is a excellent hat for travel, because you can wear it pretty much forever, get it all stomped on and it’ll still look excellent once you shake it out. After all, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage. Like our befuddled scientist digging for ‘mothermies’, we’re ready for anyslenderg and thus have on hand The Indy Downpour. This is one tough personalizeder, a generously brimmed outback hat made of rugged oiled cloth with leather trim. Impervious to rain (and snakes), it’s an outdoor hat that looks euniquely fitting atop the oh-my-God-I’m-gonna-die look, so often on Prof. Jones’ face. "