Topic: Houseplants in water
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Houseplants in water
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wikiHow - How to grow houseplants in water.
Swicki focused on hydroculture
Squidoo expert page on hydroculture
Grow houseplants in water, aka hydroculture
My first effort at an expert web page on Squidoo. The page turned out well and gets good traffic.
web-chop note: Unfortunatly I could only chop a portion of the page to show here; the whole page shows code at the top. Oh well, thats what alpha/beta tests are for! Also, was limited in the chop frames I could make?
My first, and only, wikiHow. I like the wikiHow concept, but found I didn't like going back to the page and finding somebody had "adjusted" it. I get the collaborative concept, guess I don't like people messing with my creative effort. Maybee if thew proposed change was submitted to me first? Creative rights or control freak - you be the judge.
I've been growing houseplants in water, no dirt, for years. Picked this as a topic as I explored some web 2.0 ventures in expert authoring.
A swicki is a search page that you can focus on a topic, and then train by building a tag cloud, highlighting selected results, etc..
A wikiHow is a how-to page, that the community can read and benefit from. However, the community can also edit and independantly collaborate.